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How to Activate and Use Emoji (Emoticons) in Android

We are using IM applications since a decade and it gave us a possibility to express our feeling just by sending one emoticon instead of typing long sentences. Now the question arises that whether these emoticons can be used in our Android devices too?

The answer was a big no till the Jelly Bean came out. Earlier emoticons could be used only on third-party applications like Whatsapp or Google Talk within their own platforms. But if you want to send any emoticons to any of your friend or relative via SMS, you just simply couldn’t. But the situation has changed by the arrival of Android JellyBean which is capable of writing and reading emojis. Given below is a complete guide to include emojis in your android texts and messages.

Typing Emojis Using Google Keyboard

If you are running Android 4.1 or above it’s pretty easy to use the emojis on your smartphone. You just need to have installed Google keyboard on your device. Most android devices came pre-installed with the Google keyboard but if you are an owner of Samsung or HTC phone (which does not come with Google keyboard pre-installed), you can install it from the play store. After that you need to go to “Settings” and then select “Language & input” option there. There you will be able to see “Google Keyboard” option. Enable the keyboard and open the settings. There you will be able to see “Add-on dictionaries” option under Text Correction. Tap on it and install “Emoji for English word”. If you can’t see this option just click Refresh button couple of times and it will arrives automatically.


Now whenever you are using Google keyboard to enter text, you can make use of certain keywords to trigger emojis. For example, if you write Flower, you will get a pop-up of the Emoji along with the auto-complete suggestions. Even though there are many other keywords available to trigger the emojis, we couldn’t find a full list of them. Here is the most comprehensive one we have got so far, check here.


You can also download other available keyboards like Kii keyboard or Multiling O Keyboard via which emojis could be inserted and sent.

Typing Emojis on iWnn IME keyboards

Some of the Android devices like Google nexus comes with pre installed emoji keyboard in form of iWnn IME keyboard. To check whether your device have emoji keyboard or not you need to go to “Settings” of your device and then select “Language & Input” option. There you need to check the list of given keyboard types. If you find iWnn IME keyboard there, just enable it and you are ready to add emojis to your text easily.

Creating Personal Emoji Keywords

To create your own emoji keywords you can add certain words to your personal dictionary in the “Language & Input” option in your phone settings. You need to have installed both the Google keyboard and a visual emoji UI (Kii keyboard or Multiling O Keyboard) to be installed on your device to achieve this.

  • Go to Google Keyboard settings -> and then tap to “Personal dictionary”. There you will see a “+” button and click on it to add the fresh emoji to the dictionary.
  • You need to enter the emoji under the phrase section with the help of keyboard.
  • Next to create the shortcut, you need to enter the keyword that you want to use as a shortcut for your emoji.
  • That’s it, Enjoy!

Now you don’t need to worry if you have an android phone as after following the above steps you can easily use the emojis in your texts as well as messages go to website. So which method you will follow to get the emojis? Share your views through the comment section. 

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