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How to Block and Unblock Numbers on Android

block numbers android easily

block numbers android easily

We always come across calls from unknown numbers, while some of them are known persons, and new in your life, there could be a person who you want to avoid or don’t want them to call you. The best way to not receive someone’s calls is to blacklist them. Blacklisting a contact means you’re blocking them from every way of contacting through mobile carriers. It includes text messages, calls, and even MMS.

How to Block Numbers on Android

There are various methods by which you can block a certain number. In older Android, below 4.4, there is no option to block numbers inbuilt in the android, you have to download an app to do so. Let’s explore various methods by which you can block a number.

Inbuilt Block Number List

New android has inbuilt blacklisting, which you can access by going to the settings of contacts app in and clicking on the blocked numbers, you can add the person whom you want to block it.

You can also directly block the number by going to the recent calls menu, long pressing the number, and then clicking the block number option. Android above 4.4 versions give you good accessibility of the option and you don’t have to hover around to find an app to block numbers.

block number android


In CyanogenMod, it is pretty simple, just go the settings, privacy and then blacklist. You can add numbers there.

Third Party Apps

Stock android has easy access to the blacklist, but if you can’t find the blacklist, or want some extra features, you can always download third party apps. There are various apps on the PlayStore that gives the functionality of blocking numbers.

Mr. Number: It is the most popular app on the market to block the numbers. You can choose from the various combination of blocking, like blocking numbers that are unknown, only allowing your contact list, or international calls, or a list of numbers that you want. Managing everything Is easy. If you’re a person that gets a lot of prank and spam calls, this is a great app.

Call Blocker Free: This free app lets you block the number easy way. The user interface of the app is clean and easy to set up. Just install and manage the number you want to block. You can create two lists, black and white, which makes it easier for you to filter your phone contacts.

Truecaller: Truecaller not only gives the details of the person calling you, but you can also block numbers on the app. You can get a lot of features along with the blocking list. It is a must-have app for the mobile users who are into sales and receive a lot of calls.
Calling you Mobile Network

If you don’t want to install apps, you can directly call your mobile network, and request them to block a certain number from contacting you. This is a bit tedious process as you have to call the customer care, but it is most sure of all of the above.

By choosing any of the above ways, you can easily block the number you want to, and have a relief from the unwanted calls and messages.

Now, what if you have block someone accidentally and want to unblock that person? Here is how to do it.

How to Unblock Numbers on Android

To unblock someone, first you need to find out how did you block that person. If you did it through any application go back to that app and remove the number from there. But if you did the same from the inbuilt blacklisting, follow the below steps to unblock.

1. Go to Contacts

2. Head over to the contact you want to unblock.

3. Next step can be different from phone to phone but what you need to do is get the details of that particular contact. When you tap on the 3 dots you will get more options like the image below.

unblock number android

4. Choose the unblock option from there. That’s it.

You might have realized that blocking and unblocking someone on Android is pretty easy. If you face any problem to do the same please ask your queries in the comments section.

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