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How to Play Android Games on Windows PC or Laptop

Undoubtedly, the existence of vast amount of addictive games and useful apps have a significant role to make the big proliferation of various smartphones in the market. These games and fun apps allows the users to spend their free time to cheer themselves and kill the boredom.

Even though people uses their smartphones to play while they are travelling or away from their seat, sometimes they wish to play their favorite games on their computers too and also there are some games in the play store which is not available for Windows. So today we will be discussing how to play our favorite games on a PC or a laptop without the help of a smartphone.

There are various methods to do this like installing an android emulator on PC, using Android SDK; the developer tool kit for the android developers or installing the Android Live; the ISO image of the Android operating system. Now the problem with Android SDK and Android Live that they are not easy to set up and lots of steps required to run them properly. So we will be mentioning and explaining about an easier method to get the Android apps, an Android emulator software called BlueStacks.

Install BlueStacks and Configure to Play Android Games on PC or Laptop

BlueStacks is the best, easiest and user-friendly android emulator out there. It will work on both Windows and Mac. Here is the step by step guide to install BlueStacks on your PC and configure to access the apps from the play store.

1. Download the BlueStacks software from here according to your OS –

2. Double click on the downloaded exe file and install it just like any other Windows software. It will take a while to download the runtime data and verify dependencies, so just wait till it’s done.


3. Once the installation is completed, open the application.

4. In the home page you will see various applications and options like below.


5. Now when you click on any app it will ask for the settings to Enable AppStore and Setup 1-Click Sync (to sync apps from BlueStacks to your phone and vice versa), which is a one time setup.


6. The steps are as same as you add an account in your Android device, so simply do that. You will see the following screen when both the steps are successfully done.


7. Click on Let’s go! button and the app you were selected earlier will open in the Google play store directly.


8. Click on install and follow the steps which is exactly same as you do in your smartphone to install an app.

9. That’s it! Now you can play the downloaded android game on your PC without any problems. You can also access any Android app using this method.

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Note: If you are a tech savvy person and wants to try something more harder, you can check Android SDK and/or Android Live for this purpose.

So simply install the BlueStacks and enjoy playing android games on your PC and laptop. If you face any problem to access the apps, share with us in the comments section. We will try our level best to resolve them.


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