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How to Search for a Text Message/SMS on Your Android Device

Short Message Service or SMS as we know it, is one of the most widely used text sharing services in the world. Even with WhatsApp and Facebook, SMS still has a fair share of uses. Internet Banking related, subscription messages, a confirmation message, and lot many others. Over the period of time, messages have become a common point for password reset or notification changes, passwords, receiving OTP’s, etc. But as you receive more and more text messages, your SMS inbox increases in size and takes up more space.

How to Search for a Text Message/SMS on Your Android Device

But on certain occasions, you need to find a text message that contains important details like an activation code or a link and finding that one link could be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But fret not, Android has got your back. Looking for a particular text message on your Android device is as easier than you can think. The only requirement is that you should search for a keyword related to the content of your text message.

Searching for a Particular Text on Your Android Device

Finding a text message in your inbox is easier than scrolling through every single message in your inbox for hours.
To find a particular text message on your android device:

  • Simply launch your text messaging app.
  • Search for the Menu button and click on it. You will see a number of options including the search option.¬†Click on the search option.
  • Some Android devices provide the search option next to the Menu button for convenience.

search message on android

  • Enter the keyword of your text or the name of the sender or the text you’re looking for.
  • Et voil√†, android will fetch your text message from hundreds of messages on your device.

If you cannot find a particular text message or a message that you have deleted by accident, you can use an Android data recovery application. There are a number of applications available for that purpose, paid and free. The free applications do not provide full functionality so it would be advisable to make use of a paid application for assistance.

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