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Install Incompatible Android Apps from Google Play Easily [How to]

There are times you end up finding your device is not compatible with some apps which you want to install. This happens with various reasons like the app is not tested on your device or not available for your country. One of the way to get rid of this is to edit the build.prop file of your rooted device and spoof your device appear to be something other than what actually is. But this is tricky and not a simple solution for normal users.

Here is an app called Market Helper which gives you same results without making any changes on the build.prop file and let you to install apps from Play store which marked as “not compatible with your device”. The app is easy to configure and even easier to get back to the original settings. The application allows to spoof your device as another phone or tablet and also region or carrier.

The application is new to the scene and offers fistful number of profiles for the phones and tablets option but it offers most of the countries and carriers. You can make your device to be appears like HTC One+, LGE Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy 3, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Kindle HD, Asus Nexus 7 3G and Asus Transformer Pad TF300TG to the Play store. Bear in mind this application requires Superuser permissions so your device should be a rooted one to use the app.

How to Download and Install Incompatible Android Apps from Google Play Store

1. Download the app – Market Helper

2. Tap the downloaded APK file and install the application (Make sure you enable to install the apps from external sources).

3. Open the application and you will be able to see various options like select device, select operator and select account.

4. Choose device, region and carrier you want to emulate and click on Activate.
5. The app will ask for the Super user access, grand the permission to continue.


6. The application will takes couple of minutes to activate the new profile.


7. After the successful activation head back to Google Play and you will find the restricted app is available to install now.

8. After you’re done just reboot the device and it will go back to original profile.

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