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Install Pie Control on any Android Device Using LMT launcher

Last year when Google launched its Nexus 4 flagship device with on-screen navigation it was the most unique feature of the smartphone. But now, many manufacturers are adopting the same feature in their models. The main reason to include this feature is the size of the Android flagship devices as it’s nearly impossible to use them with one hand. Many renowned Custom ROMs like Paranoid Android and CyanogenMod are offering this feature under PIE Control, which offers on-screen navigation buttons whenever you swipe from the edge of the screen. This reduces our efforts and let us to move faster via gestures.

If you are tired of using hard navigation buttons or you want to try something new which makes your device unique from others, give a try to LMT launcher. It’s similar to PIE controls, which brings up on-screen navigation buttons whenever you swipe from the edge of the screen from anywhere. As well as you can use as navigation keys on your Android device.

As this launcher replaces the system files, it requires root access. So, please make sure that your device is already rooted before proceeding further. So are you ready to try LMT Launcher? Then head towards the below guide on how to install Pie Control on any Android device.

How to install Pie Control on any Android device

1. Download and install LMT Launcher APK on your device.
2. Open the app from the app drawer and grant root access permission.
3. Now, a window will pop-up and from there you have to just tap “Start/Stop TouchService” option.
4. To check, simply swipe from the right edge of your Android device to bring up the navigation keys of LMT Launcher.
5. To change the swiping position, scroll down in the “Settings” tab to Pie Control.
6. It also allows you to customize PIE launcher activation area thickness and length, PIE Color, PIE contents and much more.

Apart from the navigation keys, it also offers ISAS (Invisible Swipe Areas) and gestures for faster navigation like the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. You can disable navigation keys and setup ISAS to automatically go back to the Home, navigate back, etc., when you swipe from the bottom of the screen. You can find this setup under “Set gesture input” option.

So, give a try to LMT Launcher and let us know do you like it or not? Is there some other launchers which offers on-screen navigation panels? Then do share with us via comments.

Sohil Memon is an MCA student from Ahmedabad, India. He keeps exploring the internet world to provide best Android tutorials. He loves to explore new things in any field which makes him a Tech Enthusiast, an Android Geek, a Gadgets Lover, an Avid Traveler and Passionate Learner. Connect with him at Google+.


  • Riaam says:


    I am running PACMAN Rom 4.3 and LMT continually crashes(LMT HAS STOPPED WORKING), it was working up until 31-08-2013 then just stopped, no updates done no installation of apps nothing yet fails to work, please assist.

    Thank You

  • chirayu says:

    hello i have intex aqua flash which is rooted but lmt launcher is not working on it
    orb may be i dont know how to use it so plz send a link to set it upand
    if there is any sugetions plz tell me
    it will be kind help to do this plz help

  • Kwackers says:

    I just bought the Note 3 and it’s not working for me. Any ideas? I thought maybe it might have something to do with the large screen? Idk

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