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7 Interesting Android Games You May Not Know About

Mobile games are released at such a relentless pace it becomes easy to miss some of the good ones. For that matter, some of the good ones just become outdated in a matter of months or a year or two. Look back on our 10 addictive games for 2013 for instance and some of them might already seem vaguely old-fashioned!

For this reason, we’re using this piece to point out, not necessarily the newest or highest-rated Android games, but some of the good ones you might have forgotten about or overlooked. These apps are presented in no particular order.

1. Sisyphus Job

What could sound more fun than a mobile game in which you’re trying to avoid the wrath of Zeus at all costs? That’s the deal in this playfully animated, antiquity-themed endless runner. It’s a play on the infamous myth of Sisyphus, in which a man (named Sisyphus) is cursed to roll a heavy bolder up a hill for the rest of eternity. In this case, you’re running from the boulder, as well as avoiding various other obstacles that pop up in your way.

2. Westbound

There are a lot of games that ask players to build up environments: farms, cities, islands, kingdoms – even entire civilizations. These games tend to combine aspects of resource gathering, city planning, and competitive progression. Westbound is a member of the same general genre, but one that focuses on a frontier lifestyle. It’s a vaguely cartoonish game, in terms of its aesthetic, but surviving in the Wild West is actually (arguably) more fun than just building up a city or village.

3. Gonzo’s Quest

Online and mobile slot games can be popular for any number of reasons. There are various types of bonuses that can make them appealing to new players, there are innumerable themes that make the games look more interesting, etc. But bonuses and basic themes aside, Gonzo’s Quest is just a little deeper than most of its counterparts, which is why it’s become something of an outlier – a slot game that’s popular as a standalone title rather than part of a collection. Playing Gonzo’s Quest almost feels like playing a different kind of video game that happens to involve some slot mechanics.

4. Beholder

Beholder is an incredibly unique game that deserves more attention than it gets. Built in a sort of noir, platforming style, it combines stealth, strategy and action to great effect. Your job is to preside over an apartment block as a landlord in a rigid totalitarian state. Beyond that, you are to spy on your own residents, ostensibly on the government’s behalf, though you are ultimately free to make your own decisions and take your own risks.

5. Slip Away

“Serene, but also challenging” is how this game was described in one review, and that’s exactly what so many of us want from a mobile game these days. We want something that’s beautiful (and oddly, calming apps like Monument Valley seem to be preferred as well), but also something that’s engaging and, to some degree, difficult. In this game, your job is to control a glowing jellyfish in the deep sea, in an experience that’s somewhere in between Doodle Jump and Ridiculous Fishing, but with a design more like a Limbo or Monument Valley. It’s a perfect modern mobile game.

6. Narcos: Cartel Wars

Designed by FTX Games, Narcos: Cartel Wars is a spin on a popular genre in which you’re to manage all aspects of a warring entity. In this case, you’re building up your own cartel, all with Supercell-esque processes of recruiting soldiers, waiting on defensive improvements, attacking rivals, and gradually gathering resources and strengthening your capabilities. The gameplay itself is pretty familiar, but the surrounding elements embracing cartel culture make it very different and very enjoyable.

7. Knights Of Pen & Paper

This game by Behold Studios has actually been around since 2012 when it was first released for iOS, and it’s still not getting enough attention. It’s an RPG designed in an old (and kind of adorable) 16-bit style, and built around the interesting idea of being able to control fictional role players, as well as the characters they’re controlling in the RPG. It’s a bizarre concept, but once you dig in it’s refreshingly original.

Check out these 7 cool apps and let us know which one you liked the most.

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