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How to Manage/Hide your More Private Pictures and Files

Nowadays, your mobile phone is also your private device in which you keep your personal photos, videos and other important documents. It is common in most of the people to hide these types of files so that nobody without permission can access them willingly or unwillingly.

A simple and the most common way used by the people is to lock the phone screen with a password or swipe key. But this is sometimes a troublesome for many of the people who use their mobiles frequently and give access to other family members and friends. But this difficulty can be overcome by following simple steps which we will discuss below.

Manual Way to Hide a Folder or File in Android

It’s easy to hide a folder or file in your android instantly without using any third-party apps. You just need to rename the file and add a period (.) to the beginning of it. It will automatically hide the file from the gallery and the phone.


Now when you want to access the file/folder again either you have to connect your phone to PC and access the files or install a File manager app and select “view hidden files”.

The problem with this method is that the data can be accessible when connected to a PC and this a concern if you lose your phone. So in this case we have to go with third-party apps for the solution.

Hide Data using ‘Hide Pictures – KeepSafe Vault’ App

There are many apps available in the Play store to hide the files but the best one we find among them all is ‘Hide Pictures – KeepSafe Vault‘. It is a free to download application which you can use to hide private photos and videos that stay locked behind an easy-to-use PIN pad. The application is one of the highest rated applications which has been downloaded by more than 10 million times. Some of the interesting features of this application are as follows:

  • You can hide selected photos and videos, no need to hide the entire folder.
  • Your public gallery will remain visible to your family members, friends and colleagues from which you want to hide your personal files.
  • Without PIN it cannot be opened nor can the hidden files be accessed through USB data syncing or from other third-party application.
  • You can also unhide the files for a limited period of time for your friends and co-workers with built-in feature.
  • No need to unhide the pictures and videos in case you want to share them with your family and friends. Just press the share button from inside the application.

How to use the app?

Download and install the application from Play store. It will prompt for your 4-digit protection code. Insert the desire code and re-enter the same. After inserting the secret PIN code you will asked for your email ID where the instruction to recover the PIN will be sent in case you forget it. Just fill up the given information and you are good to go now. Just select the pictures and videos you want to hide. Press the share button and select KeepSafe from the list and that’s it.



It is very important to keep safe and secure your private files and folders in order to avoid any bad experience. It is also important to note that these applications are not foolproof i.e. it is possible that any update or bug can damage your files. So it is better to keep backup of your important snaps and videos regularly in order to avoid such situations. Take precautions and Be safe!

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