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Record Calls on Android Smartphones by Using InCall Recorder

You might have wondered several times during calls for a way to record the conversation. There can be myriad of reasons for this thing, maybe you’re trying to take out a proof of a confession, maybe you just want to act like a spy or something and in some cases you just want to save the memories. But whatever the reason could be it’s ensured that every person owning a cell phone thinks of recording a call in many times.

A few years back, there was no efficient way of recording the calls; you had to show your ninja skills in order to do it. But ever since smartphones came out in the world, the apps made the things much easier.

There are many apps available in the Play store for phone call recording but most of them are hit and miss for many. The app which we will be discussing today is Incall Recorder which will helps to record your phone calls efficiently.

MP3 InCall Recorder App for Record Calls on Android Smartphones

MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice is a free Android application which will enable you to do the phone call recording and voice recording on your smartphone.

Using this app is quiet easy, right after you open the app for the first time it will display a self explanatory tutorial for the users. Once you are through it, the only thing which you will need to do in order to record the call is that to make or receive a phone call.


There are two ways to configure the app, one is manual mode and other one is auto mode. If you have selected the auto mode the app will record all calls which you will make. And in manual mode you have to start the recording manually whenever you think that this is the right time to  record the call.

To record a call manually, just take your phone of the ear during the call and when the default call screen gets displayed, swipe your finger from any of the top corners. The recording will start immediately.

Once you disconnect the call, the recording will end itself and will be converted into an MP3 audio file. As far as my experience is concerned, my 55 minutes call record was converted into a file of about 6.55 MB. You can then edit and change the frequencies of the call recording and save it to Dropbox, Gmail and WhatsApp etc.


Other than its main feature, which is to record a call efficiently and edit it, it has other features as well. One of the important feature is that this app can also record your voice. This means that this app encloses 2 in one features; you can record calls and can also record your voice. You can then edit your recording from the same tools which were previously used to edit your recorded call. In addition to this, you can also attribute recording to different types of contacts.

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Make a not that call recording may be illegal in some countries/areas and even if it’s allowed you should inform the other person the call is being recorder out of the common courtesy.

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