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Root Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i9082 and Install CWM Recovery [How to]

We know, Samsung is famous for its Galaxy Series, and frequently they add new phones in the series with compiled features. Here is the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i9082, a price range phone with some robust features like 5 inch display, 8 MP camera, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory, running on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.
Just like any other android smartphone, we have to root the device to avail more features in the Smartphone. After rooting, we can install Custom ROMs, Mods, Tweaks, etc. So, today, in this article, I will guide you on how to root Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i9082 and install CWM recovery. But, before that please read the disclaimer and prerequisites for your safety only.

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For directness, I have divided this post in two parts. In first part, I will explain “How to install CWM recovery on Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i9082” and in other part, I will guide you on “How to root Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i9082”. So, let’s start our journey!


  • Make sure your mobile should possess 70 to 80% battery
  • Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging (All apps > Settings > Manage Applications > Development > USB Debugging – check box)
  • Ensure you have backed up your important data.
  • Install USB drivers on your PC (Download USB Drivers or Download Samsung Kies (Drivers Included)).

How to install CWM Recovery on Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i9082

Step 1: Download Odin and “CWM Recovery image” to install CWM Recovery on Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i9082
Step 2: After downloading, extract and CWM recovery image. Open “Odin.exe” from it.
Step 3: Now, switch off your phone and enter into download mode by pressing and holding “Volume Down + Power + Home Button” together for few seconds till you see Android construction Logo/Android Logo.
Step 4: Now, connect you phone on computer via USB cable and in Odin a green/yellow light will turn on in ID:Com box as well as a message will be displayed as “Device Added”.
Step 5: Click on “PDA” button and choose “CWM touch_i9082_chotu.tar.md5” from the extracted folder. Make sure that only F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot boxes are ticked on Odin. Don’t tick any other boxes.
Step 6: Click on “Start” and wait for the installation to complete.
Step 7: At last, you will see the PASS message on the ID:COM box and your device will be reboot automatically. Now, you can disconnect your device from PC.

That’s it! You have successfully installed CWM recovery on Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i9082. Now, we will follow the second part on how to toot Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i9082 as below:

How To Root Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i9082

Step 8: Download “Root Package” and place it into external SD card.
Step 9: Switch off your handset and boot into CWM recovery mode by pressing and holding “Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button” for few seconds.
Step 10: From there, select “install zip from sd card” and give a path to root package, which you have downloaded earlier.
Step 11: After a few seconds, process will be completed and choose “reboot now”.

That’s it! You have successfully rooted your Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i9082 as well as installed CWM Recovery on it. This is the simplest guide to root Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i9082 and install CWM recovery.

If you face any problem while doing rooting and flashing then share with us, we will solve it ASAP! Happy Rooting! 😀

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  • Sultan says:

    i have rooting problm,,, when i start Super SU it say invalid packge & invalid signature & could not find e:/update….
    what to do now sir….?

    • Rohit H. says:

      To install superSU.. First you have to install cwm recovery.. Check if its installed properly or not.. If not then repeat the procedure..

  • job says:

    my odin takes 2:39 minutes to pass the cmw.. in this time the phone reboots n cmw is not been installed ..wot tu du.?

  • vinay says:

    I have tried it 4 time even bin down count updated as 4.
    I followed all the steps and odin idcom:3 pops up as Pass with yellow and system reboot but when i press volume up + home + power button it still takes me to the Android recovery mode not to the CWM recovery…. wht to do please help …thnks in advance

    • Akhil says:

      Facing the same problem

    • Rafael N says:

      To solve this problem, deselect the button Autobot in Odin. Switch off manually and after press the POWER + VOL UP + HOME

    • Ankit says:

      Hi, well I too encountered the same problem earlier. Now try this. While flashing cwm through odin uncheck autoreboot. When you get pass signal from odin just remove the battery and then press volume up+power+home key. This will take u to cwm.

  • Esther Yee says:

    Hi, thanks for posting up the method. I just bought Samsung Galaxy Grand and tried to root it following the method u posted here. After pressing HOME + POWER + VOL DOWN, i then press VOL UP to continue and end up in Odin Mode but my hp screen shown DOWNLOADING , DO NOT OFF THE TARGET . May I know how to solve that? my laptop doesnt appeared “PASS” even i did step 4 to step 6 or rather till step 5.
    Could u mind to assist pls?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Shashwat says:

    I do the ODIN, after I press Start, after few minutes, I get a RESET in green and the phone restarts.

    But when I try to boot it in recovery, I get android recovery instead of CWM.

    What to do ?

  • Zay Yar Phyo says:

    It’s OK. Thanks a lot…

  • Arjun says:

    hi while installing from sd card i.e, update it says
    e: failed to verify whole-file signature
    e:signature verification failed

  • chandan agarwal says:

    I am unable to update root pakage

  • Rizwanuz Zaman says:

    Having same problem like Mobile not reboot in CWM mode and also having signature verification problem in Super SU update…. Please help us all out so that we can enjoy and do a lot with the phone

  • Mangesh Thapad says:

    Having signature verification problem in Super SU update while uploading Super SU file. Please help me

  • Lawrence says:

    To solve this problem, deselect the button “Autoboot” in Odin while installing the cwm recovery.Then after the installation of cwm recovery,switch off manually by removing your battery, put back the battery and boot into CWM recovery mode by pressing POWER + VOL UP + HOME together. From there, select “install zip from sd card” and give a path to root package, which you have downloaded earlier. After a few seconds, process will be completed and choose “reboot now”.Your samsung Galaxy Grand Duos wil reboot now and a message sayin “android is upgrading ” will appear while the device boots up.

  • Jeff says:

    hi, thank you very much first! But I stuck in Maping PIT partion… it looks like fail on this step everytime, what should I do?

  • Len says:

    I finally got it to work. Some comment that might help others. I unchecked AutoReboot in Odin3 as suggested. After Odin3 seemed to finish it came back with a RESET message, I persisted in waiting longer until the PASS message appeared. At that point I took the battery out as recommended by others. My mistake was to power up the i9082 normally at this point and then later access the CWMR. Once the battery is out, reinstall the battery and the first thing to do is to access the CWMR by pressing the Vol Up and Power and Home at the same time and this time it came up with Clockwork Mod rel When I tried to find the zip file on the SD card I got a message on the bottom of the phone E: can’t mount /sdcard/. To solve this I got out of CWMR by taking the battery out. I had a 64 Gb SD card in the phone. I took it out, installed a 8 Gb SD card instead. I also removed my second SIM card, though this probably had nothing to do with the solution. I booted up normally, formatted the new 8Gb external SD card and copied the onto the SD card. Once again I ran ODIN3 and as mentioned above unchecked AutoReboot and repeated the procedure mentioned above. This time when I was in CWMR I was able to see the and then followed instructions as per this web site. One more surprise I got. After the root was complete I chose Reboot System Now. I was presented with another choice of Yes or No or Go Back, don’t remember the exact choices, it happened to fast. I chose Go Back and at that point the i9082 rebooted. And it worked.

  • Candido Rodrigues says:

    In Step 8: Download “Root Package” and place it into external SD card.
    But that link leads us to the following page:

    Where I can’t find the “Root Package” you mentioned ?
    Could you provide an alternative link, or is the SU the “Root Package” ?

    Kind regards,
    Candido Rodrigues

  • mdowney says:

    Worked like a charm on the 1st try! Thank you!!!

  • Aldrin says:


  • serena says:

    I pressed volume up+home+power buttons together but it doesn’t go in CWM recovery mode but goes in android recovery mode … What should I do?!
    Plz reply ASAP

    • psyco101 says:

      You have to uncheck the auto reboot box in Odin while flashing with the CWM.tar file. After the installation just remove the battery n reinsert. Then hold the volume up, home and power keys. It must boot into clockworkmod

  • Psyco101 says:

    Thanks guys, I unchecked the auto reboot box in Odin as u suggested and it worked

  • Pavan Kumar says:

    Dear Jose Tinto,

    I have Samsung Grand Duos GT-I9082 with 4.2.2 version,

    I am able to install the CWM with no errors, when I try to boot in CWM mode it is booting in android recovery mode, do u have any idea to solve this problem.
    Thanks in advance for your time and support.

  • Abelson Tenny says:

    will i loose my contacts ? i also have an app which saves my private messages in it , and does not let it be seen in normal message box , will it affect this app? will i loose my messages?

  • sophia kidimwa says:

    i have got SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND GT I9082 but the home button and backward button does not respond or function today any help to make it function

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