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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch: Everything You Need to Know

The main news to come out of the Samsung Unpacked occasion at IFA, Europe’s largest consumer-electronics show, on 4th overnight was a wristwatch called the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. It is a full-color Android-based device about the size of an old calculator timepiece. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch can make and receive calls, get pictures, run its own apps and has a voice control function which allows users to execute tasks by speaking to the device, built-in sensors that can track a user’s corporeal activity. Samsung have also launched Galaxy Note 3 during the IFA event.

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch has an 800-megahertz processor, 512 megabytes of RAM and 4GB of onboard storage. It is rated for IP55—protected against dust and water jets for a handful minutes. It will be available in 6 different colors and will have 10 different pre-loaded clock options for users to select from. Let’s dig little more to the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

The Display

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch has a 1.63-inch (or 41.4-mm) display. Samsung has chosen an OLED (organic light emitting diode) display. Its screen uses less power than traditional LCD panels—OLED gratitude to pixels made up of an organic compound that emanates light when a current is passed through it and trans-reflective LCD because it makes use of ambient light as well as a backlight. It also has Super AMOLED display, with a 320-by-320 pixel resolution and it is seamlessly connected to a Galaxy user’s smartphone & shows a user’s updates, like texts or emails, on the device display.

The Apps

When Samsung’s Galaxy Gear will display details of emails received using its personal email client in the handset, for Gmail, Twitter and Facebook it will only demonstrate notifications that a message has been received.

The Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is meant to be paired by other Samsung Galaxy devices such as smartphones, tablets or phablets. One way to think about it is as the counterpart of a Bluetooth headset, however for people who communicate largely through text and images. It can even dial phone numbers and place calls, but only when paired with a phone or tablet connected to a wireless phone network. The microphone for phone calls can be used for voice memos too, although there’s a five-minute limit on what can be tracked in a single go.


The Camera

The 1.9-megapixel camera is positioned on the top end of the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch band, facing away from the wearer and has a pedometer that can track the wearer’s movement.

Battery existence

This smartwatch has a 315 mAh lithium-ion battery, which Samsung says ends about a day or 25 hours in regular use. The smartwatch clips into a dock, which then charges using a regular micro-USB cord.

The sports or party zone

The third-party applications available in Galaxy Gear smartwatch at launch include information management tools like Pocket & Evernote, fitness apps like RunKeeper and more esoteric options like Vivino Wine Scanner, which permits users to take a picture of a bottle of wine and learn more about it.

Weight and Sizes

The body of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is stainless steel and at about 74 grams, it’s fairly weighty. (Conventional metal wristwatches can run up to one hundred grams before weight really becomes a problem, but this weight is typically distributed over the entire watch, which makes it feel more unbiased.)

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

A user with Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Price and Availability

The Gear will be available in more than 140 countries from September 25th but customers from US and Japan have to wait until October to get hands on the device. The price of the Gear smartwatch will be Samsung $299.


We expect Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch to be sold reasonably well, but Sony’s SmartWatch 2 and Apple’s IWatch will be strong contenders to its worldwide success.

What do you think about the latest launch from Samsung? Are you getting one of the Gear smartwatches? Let us know your thoughts via comments.

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