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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Launch – The Most Awaited September Event

Well, its carpet time for the most awaited third-generation of phablet from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 3. Making up an official debut on the September 4, Note 3 will be showcased in Berlin, in the IFA Trade Show, an event monitored closely by competitor device makers across the world, and apparently, the customers too!


A few months after the release of the Samsung’s first Phablet, many competitors sprung into the race, with Sony, LG, ZTE, and Huawei springing into the competition. Rumors have forecasted iPhones with a larger display setting into pace with the phablet.

Samsung has never been into the race as a true consumer-focused electronics company, except for the competition and pace it has pushed along. Consumers have swiveled to using the phablet as a result of the aura portrayed by the device. The launch of the first gadget way back in the year 2011 was considered as a mere curiosity; nevertheless, it was sold in millions across the globe and not to mention the sequel of copycats that followed the Note and the release of Note 2 later down the line.

What’s in pipe for the Note 3?

So, what could be really big about the Note III? The leaked specs reveal that, on the front, it displays a 5.7 inch Full HD Super AMOLED display that is really worth grabbing a look. Secondly, the hi-speed is powered using a 3 GB RAM along with a batter that features the maximum battery life. The device is expected to run on latest Android version 4.3 Jelly Bean and possess an octa-core Exynos 5420 or quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization, and LTE-A connectivity.

If not all, most of the Samsung apps that were cast for Galaxy S4 are supported as well. This could include a few features such as smart scrolling, eye tracking, and more. Wondering where competitors are heading to? The answer is a definitive ‘Yes’ towards the making of Samsung-like phabs that have gone to attract customers’ attention very soon.

Do you really bother?

It is important to know that a phab is not designed for all individuals who are used to carrying a mobile phone around. The size and the shape of these phablets are enormous and an average consumer will find it difficult to navigate and move things around. It is suited for those who wish to use a bigger screen with the comfort of having to use two apps at the same time.

The Asset

The prime asset of this device lies on the screen and therefore higher resolution is always better to work out. For this reason, Samsung offers the OLED screen, where the color modes and contrasts are finite, as much as good for watching movies, games, working, and more.

To the other end, obviously, a bigger screen implies a bigger battery and therefore battery span is of prime importance. The more the phab can sustain, the more the work it does and therefore a battery with a bigger mAh number will do the trick. A wise option is to select for a battery with a higher mAh number for optimal performance.

Whether you choose to use a stylus or not, Samsung Note 3 is definitely worth the wait. And hey! mind your pockets, and make sure they are big! But what’s in store is a wait and watch.

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