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Samsung Kies Download Latest Version for Windows and MAC

samsung kies

Samsung which is one of the world’s largest cell phone manufacturers has launched Samsung Kies and Kies Mini to helps the users to connect their Samsung devices with Macintosh or Windows Operating system. The Kies software is handy software that allows you connect to the internet using your phone connection, store music and data files and download upgrades. The mini version of Kies, as its name suggests has lesser features and is just a smaller version of the original. With the aid of this freeware, you can now integrate your pictures, sync with your computer in a more seamless and hassle-free manner.

KIES-The Evolution

samsung kies
The term Kies is actually an abbreviation of Key Intuitive Easy System and was adopted into practice post version 2.0. Initially, Kies started off as a mini version where it was primarily used to update only the operating systems of a few mobile devices. On the contrary, the complete version of Kies is capable of updating the entire operating system and there are separate versions for Windows and Mac. Nevertheless, Kies Mini is used only on Windows, and Mac consumers often slip into the hassle of having to use a Windows operating system for updating their devices.

How is Kies different from the Samsung Kies Mini?

The full version of Kies is very useful software. It allows you to store your phone data like contacts, photos and music on your PC and access it anytime. Kies also lets you have a backup of your cell phone data on your PC. All you need is a USB cord to connect to Kies. Kies can be easily downloaded from the official website and is free to use. You can even use Kies to connect to the internet on your laptop or home computer via the internet connection on your phone. Kies is user-friendly with easily navigable features.

The Samsung Kies Mini on the other hand as mentioned earlier is a smaller version of the full software. It does not come with all the full features like Kies, so check what your requirements are. It is mostly used for upgrades to your phone, like beta firmware upgrades. Kies Mini is the easiest way to get this done. For your Android device to function in accordance with all the latest features and improvements, it is important that you regularly update the software installed on your phone. The best way to get this done is by using Samsung Kies Mini on your computer system via the USB cable that is provided with your device. This handy little tool allows you to install drivers which otherwise can be done only by using Odin. Odin is another tool developed by Samsung for the same purpose.

Upgrades through the Air

The Samsung Kies essentially allows you to download important updates and upgrades to your phone. It helps you upgrade your firmware version on your cell phone via your PC. The mini version is compatible with most Samsung devices, but you can always check for compatibility before downloading it. Kies is available for Mac, Windows or Linux operating systems on your PC, so its compatibility with PC systems is quite good. Although Kies makes use of a USB cable for updating, newer versions make use of a Wireless App that connects a Macintosh or a Windows computer with the user’s Samsung Device. This is interfaced using a web browser and it is mandatory that the user has a local WiFi connection and not mobile data transfer offered by service providers.

Uses of Samsung Kies

samsung kies download
Samsung Kies helps to:

  • Backup Data
  • Help in the multimedia transfer
  • Purchase, certain additional features of the device
  • Helps to upgrade the firmware and the operating system with ease.
  • Data transfer between the connected PC and the Samsung Device.

Installing Samsung Kies

It is always better to install the software from the official website to avoid viruses and bogus software entering your system. Make sure you disable any firewalls or anti-virus software installed on your system and phone while installing Kies to ensure a smooth installation. After downloading and installation you can start data transfer it to your device. You can now check for any updates and upgrade your phone accordingly. Make sure you are connected to the internet to allow upgrading of your mobile device. Only after the entire process is completed, remove the USB cord.

Where can you download Kies?

Samsung Kies can be downloaded from the Samsung Global Download Center or can also be accessed using the technical support pages on the Samsung mobile device. Mostly, Kies mini is featured on many of the devices and rarely the entire version is installed. The requirements for downloading include:

Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/10 (32 and 64-bit); Mac OS X 10.5 and later

RAM: A minimum of 1GB RAM is recommended

CPU: A minimum of Intel Core 2 Duo/1.8Ghz of Intel CPU is recommended

Free hard disk space: A minimum of 500 MB for Windows OS and 100 MB for Mac OS is recommended.

Samsung Kies Download Latest Version

For Windows: Link 1 / Link 2

For Mac:  Link 1 / Link 2

The Cons to Kies

Despite the cool pros of the software, there are multiple cons that users should bear in mind before trying to sync their gadgets and PCs. A few users review states:

  • The application crashes when trying to boot from the computer.
  • The installation runs into an infinite loop without an end completion.
  • Drivers don’t install well, right from S4 to a Duos device.
  • Contacts’ names are blanked.
  • Updates are shown, but actually not downloaded. In a few instances, keeps popping up on the screen every time after restarting the phone.

Well, on a personal note, Kies help me sync up contacts to my PC with the latest version of Nougat Update on my old Note II. However, latest Galaxy phones do not feature Kies and that is definitely something strange. What’s on hold for the latest Sync is always a wait and watch.

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