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Take Backup of your Android Phone on Google Cloud [How to]

Android phones have now become our Personal Computer as we almost carry out the same activities that we used to do in our PC. But one thing is different and that is taking back up. While working on PC we always remember to take back up but with our Android Phone we tend to overlook the matter. So much of information is stored in our Android that it is of utmost necessity that we must religiously take back up of those data. Taking care of our Android has become so easy nowadays with so many automatic but effective apps have come to our rescue where with just a click or two we can ensure that we are safe from any kind of data loss.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is one common name for different places where files, settings and other important information are stored outside the phone. Taking backup on Google cloud is simple and it can be done with in-built controls in the phone. Just by following these steps you will have a secured Google Cloud backup of your Android account.

Procedure of taking backup on Google Cloud using in-built Controls

Step 1: Tap the “Home” button in order to get to the Home Screen of your phone. Now go to “Menu” and click on “System Settings”.


Step 2: Then go to “Accounts” and setup the Google account you want to take the backup by following Add account -> Google. If you want to create a new one then click on “New” otherwise select the “Existing” button.


Step 3: Once the account is added, go back to “Settings” -> tap on “Backup & reset” and assure that “Back up my data” and “Automatic restore” options are checked.


Step 4: Go back to Settings -> Accounts -> Google  and select the account you want to back up. If you have multiple accounts then you have to switch around to make sure all your data stays safe.

Step 5. In the Sync screen tap on the “Home” button and select Sync now. App Data, Browser information, Calendar, Contacts, Gmail, Google Photos and People details will start to sync with the Google Cloud servers.


That’s it! You have successfully taken a backup of your account data on Google Cloud.

Various other methods of taking back up of Android Phone

It depends on how you choose to take the backup of your Android Phone as there are various other ways of doing it. You can either choose a free method where you allow Google to make all the necessary adjustment to take the backup or you can simply make copies of multimedia through a device included cable.

In the Play store we also have many apps that performs the task of taking backup; some are free and some comes with a price tag so if you are willing to pay it then go ahead and take their help. You can follow any process but the aim should be to keep your data safe and secure from all kinds of threats. Some of the Android phones have already secured by cloud storage which performs wireless back up.

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[alert-success] Conclusion: So to keep all your favorite photos, videos, music and the important contacts safe, just make sure that you take the backup religiously, without forgetting. Better safe than sorry! [/alert-success]

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