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Tiny Apps: 5 Useful Floating Apps Suite for Multitasking in Android

Multitasking is something every users look forward to when they asses the performance and user friendliness of any Operating System. Without it, all the other features wouldn’t mean squat! People like to run errands and calculate things there and then as fast as they can. And it would be a huge advantage if a phone could offer that without disturbing other applications or work.

Tiny Apps is a collection of 5 useful floating apps that consists of floating windows that give us the option of quickly noting down the stuff that have meaning to us. Not only that, but it also has the option of calculating both simple and scientific problems, painting or sketching using a variety of 36 colors, recording tracks instantaneously and opening them up in small windows, that in no way interrupts what we are doing in the background. In other words.


Tiny Apps is present on the home screen and maximizes and minimizes at will. You can opt for recording, Painting/Sketching, Listen to music while a list of the tracks are displayed. Remember, this is multitasking so whatever you’re doing doesn’t get interfered. There’s also an option for a calculator that can convert into a simple one and a complex one, whenever you need. And finally it contains the most basic and important of all options, Notes!


The main reason for introducing Tiny Apps was that the users could write texts like reminders or warnings on windows and place them on their home screen, kind of like leaving a sticky note so that you can recall when you read it. It is the most basic of the Tiny Apps options and is used vastly over the Android multitasking world.


Instead of launching a complete recording agent for recording a track, you can instantly maximize the Tiny Apps icon and enter recording! You can start recording by tapping ‘Start’ and stop by simply tapping ‘Stop’. And you can save the recording with whatever name you give it.

Listening to Music

For Music lovers, this feature proves to be a major perk in Android, as it displays the list of the tracks and give you all the details on the artists and albums, and gives simple yet useful commands to use; Play, Pause, Repeat, Forward, and Next. Nothing Complicated.


When users feel bored and down, they can cheer or occupy their minds by the help of this floating option. Just tap expand and start expressing what you’re feeling, onto a large sketch pad, made for drawing and painting. You can make something up and put it on display on your home screen to exhibit your art.

The Calculator

This one’s among the most handy. When you need to calculate your credit card bill, or just tally up the payment for your provisions, you need something that will open up, do your thinking in a snap, and close back. That’s just what the Tiny App calculator does. Instead of opening a whole other designated calculator app, you can maximize, throw your calculations in, and be done with your worries.

Final Notes

There are two versions of Tiny Apps available; pro version which costs $1.92 and a free version. Free version lacks the docking capabilities and transparency.

After summing up all that has been agreed upon, I think we can all just say one thing; that Tiny apps is a handy multitasking tool that can come in to action anytime, anywhere without delaying . Android, yet again succeeds in making our lives easier and faster.

Tiny Apps (floating) at Google Play

Tiny Apps lite (floating)

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