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Top 10 Important Android Tricks to Master Your Device

Android is an operating system which improved by leaps and bounds over the years. It works awesomely if you manage the device perfectly. Here we have listed ten of the best android tricks that will help you to master the device and make you a pro.

1. Lost and Found Again

Your device must be an integral part of your daily life as it may contain your important files and photos. Leaving it in public by accident might mean that it is your final goodbye to the device. However, there’s something in Android that might increase the chances to get your device again. Go to settings > security > owner info. The little box there requires typing the contact information, which will be displayed on the lock-screen. You might get your device back through this even if your device is locked. Make sure to enter your alternative number in the information so that people can call and inform you.

2. Maintain and Gain

If you want your device to perform at its best, then you ought to maintain it too. Android devices, just like personal computers, require tuning at regular intervals. Either uses an app for this or do it yourself. Make sure you delete unused apps, remove widgets and end needless processes. Go to settings > apps > running > end processes that consume extra RAM memory, manually.

3. Keep multiple batteries

Many devices allow swapping batteries. If yours does, then purchase extra batteries and charge them up. Keep this stock with you while traveling. This will make sure your device never runs out of power. You won’t have to rely on anything else if your battery is dead.

4. Make the most of customization

At times, you get confused with so many apps on the home-screen and not finding them in the nick of time. For streamlining your apps and widgets, you just to customize your Android device. Just go to the apps page > select widgets at the top > choose from an array of options now.

5. Try the launchers

Your Android device gives you the option of launchers. If you are new to this, then launchers are apps that let you make radical changes to the home screen of the device and the interface. For instance, Nova launcher helps you to change whatever you want to in your device. Go through all the available launchers and choose the one that fits your needs. In addition, your phone might perform better and faster too.


6. Get hold of hidden developer options

You might not be aware of the secret developer mode. Go to settings > about phone > click ‘build number’ 7 times. Now the device flashes the words ‘you’re now a developer’. Return to system settings. Get access to developer options now. If you desire, reduce the duration that animations require to execute. For this, go to ‘animation scale’ option and turn it off.

7. Encrypt your phone

If you want to encrypt your Android device permanently, you just need to go to settings > security > encryption > tap ‘encrypt phone’. Here you require creating a pin. This pin needs to be entered every time you start your phone. This will take about an hour. If you want to return to things like before, just restore factory settings.

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8. ‘Ok Google’

Activate vocal control on your phone. This will make your Google searches quick and simple. Just go to the Apps Page > Find the Google App > Tap the App > Scroll Down > Settings Icon (Bottom Right) > Hit the Icon > Select ‘Voice’ > Tap On ‘Ok Google Detection’ > Activate ‘From Any Screen’ Setting. Whoa! You can begin a Google search from any screen of your phone, just utter ‘Ok Google’.

9. Go Beyond the Google Play Store

With Android, you can even download apps from different app stores like Amazon. There will be many deals available too. Check out the price variations and grab the best deals. This way, you can save money, try various other things too. Another way to get smart!

10. Modify the lock screen too

You must be aware of the fact that widgets on the home-screen make life easy. But, did you know that these widgets can even appear on the lockscreen? Go to settings > security > tap ‘enable widgets’ > go to lockscreen > swipe left. Hit the ‘+’ sign. You will be taken to the settings where you can choose the widgets that can appear on the lock-screen. Isn’t this interesting?

There is so much that can be done with Android! For such regular tips keep checking this space.

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