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Top 10 Music Streaming Apps for Android and iOS

Top 10 Music Streaming Apps for Android

Downloading music online can be a tiring job. Going through a thousand different links looking for the one that works, ahh! Streaming music online is a blessing for all the music lovers out there. Streaming apps bring you a collection of music from different genres and artists made available without the hassle of scrolling through hundreds of pages in search of your favorite music. Here are some handpicked music streaming apps to help you find your groove.

Top 10 Music Streaming Apps for Android

1. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most widely used music streaming app in the world. Its library provides access to all kinds of music be it pop, rap, rock, or even classical. Spotify gives you premium access to high-quality music. You can use Spotify over multiple devices and all your devices stay in sync with each other. The free version of the application is almost as good as the premium version but it comes with a few audio advertisements every couple of songs but the all over the interface is flawless. The premium account allows you to download music and has no advertisements.

2. YouTube Music

Google rolled out a new mobile app called YouTube Music in 2015, for users who prefer YouTube as a source of music. Music unsurprisingly accounts for most of the traffic on YouTube. It is a rather impressive app. You need to log in to your YouTube account to access the music. The application has a smart user-interface and it tunes its recommendations according to your taste in music. The definite upside of the app is that it allows you to cast your music to any Chromecast connected device. The free version of the app is naturally ad-supported but the monthly subscription (10$ a month) allows you to get rid off ads altogether and also allows you to access your music offline.

3. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is pre-installed on most Android phones. I would definitely recommend this application as it allows you to search for music online as well as upload your own music. It is considered to be one of the best music streaming apps for Android devices. The app curates music for you according to genres, time-period, or even your mood! The free accounts only allow up to 50,000 uploaded songs which might be enough for you, but if it isn’t, the paid account, which is $10 a month, allows unlimited uploads, ad-free streaming, and free access to YouTube Red.

4. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s largest community of artists, bands, and podcasters. You can listen to music from your favorite artists as well as new, and upcoming artists. SoundCloud allows you to create new playlists that include your favorite songs and artists, join communities where you can upload and listen to your favorite kind of music, and share your own music too! It helps you discover new artists from around the world and widen your musical palette. The app offers free as well as Pro, Pro Unlimited, and SoundCloud Go versions of the application at different prices. The free version allows you to stream music, interact with different communities, and upload audio files up to a total of 180 minutes! It also has some advertisements but you could subscribe to the app for ad-free, uninterrupted streaming.

5. Pandora

Pandora has established itself to be a reputable Internet Radio for Android. Although the app does not guarantee to play a particular song, it does allow you to discover new music from different artists and genres. The app brings you a selection of music stations that are similar to the artists, tracks, and genres you search for. The free version is ad-supported like all the other apps but the $5 monthly subscription gets rid of advertisements and brings you better audio quality.

6. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio allows you to listen to almost 50,000 radio stations, local and international! You can just search a genre of your choice and find music of your taste. It also gives you to listen to 120,000 talk shows around the world. With an easy-to-use interface, the application is perfect if you are still an old-school radio lover. The free app allows unlimited access but you can choose to upgrade to premium with an $8 monthly price which also gives you access to +40,000 audiobooks. The application also provides Chromecast support which allows you to listen to your favorite stations on different devices.

7. Apple Music

Apple music is a powerful candidate for music streaming. The application integrates your favorite bands, music, and brings you a handpicked selection of music according to your music taste. The application offers a free 3-month trial. The monthly subscription will cost you $9.99 which will allow you to stream all the music in the world. It also offers different music discovery channels. Apple music is a must-have application for all the Apple lovers out there.


TIDAL is an excellent streaming app with CD-quality music and HD music videos. It is perfect for anyone who prefers hi-fidelity audio. It has fantastic audio quality, High definition videos, and allows easy music discovery. But all this comes at a price. $19.99 a month. It offers comprehensive playlist functionality. TIDAL also has a radio function which allows you to discover new music quickly.

9. Napster

Napster is a great Mobile streaming application for people just getting acquainted with their favorite artists, and music. It has a very strong selection of music. Rolled out in the 90’s, Napster changed music streaming forever. There are other options for listening to Napster, which include built-in support for Xbox. Napster offers a great opportunity to discover music of your favourite genre with an extensive music collection. Napster provides two subscription options: Napster unlimited($7.77 a month), and Napster unlimited with mobile ($15.50 a month). It also offers a 30-day free trial before you buy a subscription.

10. Amazon Music

Amazon’s all-you-can-eat music service gives you a free 3 month trial after which you can pay $4.99 a month or a $11.99 plan which works on various devices. In terms of features, Amazon music stacks up well and offers Android and iOS support which let you stream music online as well as save it offline. It offers a local catalog of up to 45 million songs. All up, Amazon music is a worthy contender for music streaming.

Here are the top 10 streaming apps for your Android as well as iOS devices. Music streaming is undeniably the future for musicians and audiophiles around the world, and these applications are definitely our favorites after carefully reviewing the world of streaming applications. Hopefully, these suggestions will prove to be helpful for you. Share us your favorite Music app for Android in the comments section.

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