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Top 10 Reddit Apps for your Android Device

Are you a freaky Redditor? If you Reddit often and frequently, of course you need an app to to access Reddit on your Android device. Well, here we are with the top 10 Reddit apps for your device. Go through the below discussed apps and select the best one according to your choice.

Bacon Reader for Reddit BaconReader-for-Reddit

Bacon is one among the widely used app to browse Reddit on an Android device and most people prefer it as it is available for free. The best features of this app are domain and keyword filtering, subreddit grouping and uploading image directly.

Get Bacon Reader from Google Play

Reddit is Fun reddit-is-fun

After the return of Reddit Is Fun to the Google Play, a lot of Android users are using this because of its user-friendly interface enabling the browsing of contents and other stuff. With this app, you are facilitated to upload content easily making use of a ‘Share’ button.

Download Reddit Is Fun from Play store

Reddit Sync reddit-sync

With this app, you can simply comment and vote on web articles, sync various subreddits, view full screen images and preview posts. Using Reddit Sync, you are enabled to make changes to the color of themes while you can switch between reading modes of day and night.

Get Reddit Sync from Play store

Reddit News Reddit-News

Reddit News is another app that is available for $1.99 and is worth using because of its facilities and is being used by a good number of Android users all over the world. The facilities include filtering content, voting simply up or down, commenting and bookmarking content at the same go.

Download Reddit News from Google Play store

RedReader Beta RedReader-Beta-Android

This is a new Reddit app to the Android and the developers have decided to keep it open source and ads free. If you are not satisfied with the default theme in red color, you can change it according to varied other themes including blue, grey, green and night mode.

Download RedReader Beta from Play store

RPlaylister RPlaylister-Music-Reddit

This app enables you to search and find new music on Reddit as you can simply add your desired music subreddit and then make a playlists. You are facilitated to play music even after closing the app.

Get RPlaylister from Play store

Redditastic – Reddit Widget redditastic-reddit-widget

This is an app with which you can make addition of Reddit to your device’s home screen and this in fact facilitates you to prepare separate widgets for each single subreddits of yours.

Download Redditastic – Reddit Widget from Play store

Rapid Reddit RapidReddit-Android-Apps

This an app developed by appTechnic and has an easy-to-use interface with which you can make additions of new subreddits via a ‘discover’ tab. You are entitled to read messages, vote up and down, manage subreddit subscriptions and carry out filtration of the posts with low scores.

Get Rapid Reddit from Play store

Reddionic Reddionic-Android

This is a public beta and brand new Reddit app that enables you to swipe within your subreddits, comment on posts and open Reddit links. The interface is very easy to use and you can browse through it easily.

Get Reddionic from Google Play

Reddit in Pictures Reddit-In-Pictures

This is an app for that streams images from Reddit directly to your Android smartphone while you are also enabled to browse through any subreddit, load new images automatically and swipe in between pictures.

Download Reddit in Pictures from Google Play

So, these are the top 10 Reddit apps that assist you in many ways so that the utility of your Android smartphone is enhanced. This top 10 list has been prepared based on the features and facilities that the apps offer and all the apps are available in the Google Play Store.

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