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Top 10 Spy Apps for Android Devices You Would Find Useful

Do you want to awake the James Bond inside you or do you think your partner or child lying to you? Well, here are a list of apps made for spying on any Android device. These apps will help you to find out the activities in Facebook or WhatsApp, whose calling whom, keep an eye on someone’s actions and so on.

Well, before we proceed I would like to remind you that spying might be an illegal activity in your country so check with the laws before you play with these apps. Don’t blame us if you get in to some trouble later.

So here are the top 10 spy apps for your Android device. You can visit the respective page of each app and learn about them more. You may find some of these apps useful while others are for fun.

Ear Spy

Ear Spy enables you to hear superbly and snoop on target devices. Install this app and carry headphones with you along with some Bluetooth headsets. You can hear the conversation of your target device from the next room as this app uses sound amplification via the microphone of your device and sends to your earphones directly. It tunes the incoming signal by making use of a graphic equalizer.

Download Ear Spy Mobile Tracker from Google Play

Spy Camera OS

The Spy Camera OS is an Android spy app that enables you to enjoy amazing photo and video spying features. This is an open source spy app that enables you to secretly capture pictures with smart, easy and fast ways. Some features of this app include fast capture, works with both back and front cameras, auto shot with delay setting, pinch to zoom, hide and show folder on gallery and vibration.

Download Spy Camera OS from Google Play

SPY Message

By using Spy Message you can control all the messages in your mobile and exchange messages to anyone secretively. You can also send messages which self destruct after reading or gets deleted after a configured timer. You can customize the friend list and share private messages with only the people you want.

Download Spy Message at Google Play


M-Spy is a classy audio based spy app for Android devices and accompanies a good number of features. It allows the user to listen the conversation where the phone is kept by sending an SMS. By the use of this you can investigate and snoop to hear audio without the knowledge of the targeted people.

Download M-Spy from Google Play (Removed)

Call, GPS, SMS Tracker

Call, GPS, SMS Tracker is one of the highest rated spy apps for Android. It can be used to track all the calls, GPS location and send & receive SMS remotely.

(Link not active)

Secret Calls

This app can help you to hide the calling activities from your secret list. It will automatically delete the outgoing and incoming call logs from your phone. And there will be no icon appear in the list of application which makes it completely hidden from others.

Download Secret Calls from Google Play

Monitor Call SMS Location

Monitor Call SMS Location is a very useful spy app for Android and accompanies a FREE trial of three days after which you will have to subscribe. This app is capable of monitoring SMS, calls, photos, call logs and location. This app is not available in the Google Play but you can get it from the Amazon store.

Get Monitor Call SMS Location from Amazon

Secret Agent

This app is a complete tool-box which every spy should have. The Secret Agent app comes with various tools and sensor like torch, fake IR camera, compass, secret audio recording, geo location tool, sensors, to name a few.

Get Secret Agent from Google Play

Spy-App Mobile Tracker

It’s a great software to monitor the activities in an Android smartphone. Once installed it can record send & receive SMS logs, Phone logs with the contact name and the duration of the call, GPS logs, Browser logs and system logs. The Spy-App is free to download from the Google play store.

Spy-App-Mobile-Tracker-Android-Apps-Google PlayEdit: It seems this app has been removed from the Play store.


The MobiStealth app assists you with parental control app, and is priced and packaged in different ways. It has various number of features to track what exactly doing on their smartphones. This app undergoes classy improvements as well as updates and is a good one in terms of spy calling and recording. The basic package of the app available from $19.99.

Download MobiStealth

Hence, these are the top 10 spying apps for Android devices and this list has been prepared based on the features and facilities that the apps offer. If you would like to add any other app to the list let me know via the comments.

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  • Darwin says:

    Most of these apps are required to be installed on the target handset… thus they’re not really spy apps but rather parental control apps…

    • Android Spy says:

      Installation is a important part. Without installation how can you monitor the specific phone? at least for one time you need to have targeted phone.

  • Paolo Pieri says:

    I suggest you to give a look also at the new app SpyVisio, there are a lot of other functions added (e.g. web server, sms interception, motion detector, Stealth mode, GPS localization…)

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