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Top 5 Backup Apps for Android to Keep your Data Safe

android backup

Smartphones (Android in our case) control half of the things which we do in daily lives and as a matter of fact it has made our lives easier. The presentations which we previously made on our computers and laptop, and then carry them all the way to the business meeting can now simply be created with a few apps on Android and can be presented to the audience right away.

Well, apart from this specific example, there are many other good uses of smartphones as well. But one thing which is a bit risky in it is that people have a lot of data on their Android smartphones. And in case they lose or it gets stolen, it is a great point of concern. But yes! I should now remind you that there is nothing which Android developers can’t do. And following this statement, let me now introduce you to our today’s topic – which is the list of the top 5 backup apps for android which can keep your data safe in case you lose it or perhaps face a theft of it.

android backup

There are three kinds of backup solutions for android basically; a) Backup to SD card b) Backup to your PC and c) Backup over the Cloud. According to your requirements and resources you can make decision which kind of backup solution you are looking for. Install one of the backup solution mentioned below and keep your data safe.

1. G Cloud Backup

Backup Apps for Android

This app is the first and perhaps the best backup Android app which we have here on the list for non root users. It is available for free on the Play Store. It allows you to backup messages, contacts, calendars, reminders, music etc. This app uses Amazon’s G cloud service to store the data and in order to access the data, you need to enter you email ID and password. You get 1 GB of free storage by default but can increase it by referring it to your friends or buying it. It gives you full access to manage your backups properly.

Get G Cloud Backup at Google Play

The app also has a pro version which costs $4.95 but that will work only on rooted android devices.

2. Carbon


Even though G Cloud backup is a great app to have it requires an internet connection to work. If you have a limited data connection or you don’t have an internet connection at all Carbon is the best solution for you. It allows to take backup to your SD card and your PC and restore whenever you want.

This app also has a premium version for $4.99 which offers advanced stuffs like android to android sync, schedule backups, backup and restore over the cloud and no ads.

Get Carbon at Google Play

Download Carbon APK Directly

3. Super Backup


Super backup is yet another free backup app for Android; it also lets you to backup apps, contacts, bookmarks, calendars, call logs and messages. You can schedule automatic backups based on time intervals. If your device have built-in storage, the default backup location will be internal but you can change the path in settings. In addition to this, it can also backup your data to your Gmail account.

Download Super Backup at Google Play

4. My Backup Pro


This app works on most android devices and supports the most content. It uses a PIN number in order to access the backup and stored data. The restoration process is in fact really easy on this app. The data can be saved to the developer’s secure servers or onto your SD card. The types of data which can be backup by using My Backup Pro are Photos, Videos, Music, Messages, Contact, Apps, Call logs and every other important thing. You can purchase the app at Play store for $4.99.

Get My Backup Pro at Google Play

5. Titanium Backup ROOT


This is the best and most popular backup solution out there for Android but what resists normal users to use this app is it requires the Root access to work. So if your device is a rooted one there is no other app is better than this. By using this app you can backup and restore your data and apps to your SD card, PC or to the cloud. It also has the features like apps freezer, encryption, convert user apps to system apps and vice-versa, unlimited schedules and a lot more.

Get Titanium Backup ROOT at Google Play

Hope our list of Backup apps helped you to make the right choice. If you found the article helpful, share it with your friends over Facebook and Google+.

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