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Top 5 Android Apps that a Girl Should Keep for Safety

The recent rape incidents have brought forward the need of women safety in day-to-day life. In the era of smartphone devices, take care of your personal safety is easier than ever before.¬†Here we will discuss the various Android apps that are useful for every girl’s safety. Best thing about these apps are all of them are free to download.

1. bSafe

This app is the ultimate safety tool available in the Play store. The application offers 4 options to the users. The first option is to ask your friends to follow you. The second option is to send your location to your friends so that they may be able to locate you. The third is to organize a fake call for you so that you may be able to scare the stalker making the pretext that someone is there for you. The fourth option is to generate a panic alarm.

bSafe android app
bSafe at Google Play

2. Life 360 Family Locator

This app is specially designed for girls. It connects their GPS enabled phone to their parent’s phones and inform them about the girl’s exact location all the time. It means that the parents get a message when she reaches school safely, when she gets out of school, and when she reaches home.

It also informs about the places which are unsafe and where crime was recently committed so that those places may be avoided. This app also provides the user with panic button, which when pressed sends an alert to parents. All this may restrict a girl’s privacy but sometimes security is more important than privacy.

life360 android app

Life 360 Family Locator at Google Play

3. Circle of 6

It’s a location detector app offers many features and reliability. Using this app, one can create a group of 6 friends and when one friend sends an alert to the group, the whole group will get the member’s location. After that an alert message will reach the local police and they can react accordingly.

circleof6 android app
Circle of 6 at Google Play

4. Fightback

This is also a location detector app and requires the phone to be at least Java enabled. Smart phones are preferred but are not compulsory in order to use this app. It works in the following manner. You can connect the app to any social networking site or simply your contact list. After that add 5 contact names to the list. As soon as you press the panic button on your phone, a message will be sent to all those 5 contacts mentioning your exact location and stating that you are in a problem. Thus help will reach you from at least one of them.

fightback android app

Fightback at Google Play

5. SOS Whistle

In many cases it was noted that the girl was helpless because she was either too afraid to shout or her voice was not loud enough. This app is perfect for any such situation. Just a tap on the phone will trigger a very loud alarm. Furthermore, this app functions even if the phone is on silent mode. You don’t need any high-end phone for it. Even usual android enabled phone will be able to support it. So, no need to worry at all.

sos whistle android app
SOS whistle at Google play

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We hope this information goes a long way in protecting women throughout the globe. If you would like to add any other app to this list, let us know in the comments section.

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