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Top 5 Useful Android Apps For Your Daily Use

Useful Android Apps For Your Daily Use

There are many reasons why people go for Android over any other mobile OS like the ability to customize the smartphone, the way you want to installing new ROMs and custom scripts to increase the performance of the smartphone. But apart from all these one another reason is the number of apps available in the Google Play store for an Android smartphone.

So in this post I will be showing you the top 5 best Android Apps that you must install on your Android smartphone now if you haven’t already. But before I start with the post, I want to tell you one thing that if you are expecting some apps like music player or video player then you won’t find any such apps in this list. This list has been created to let you know about some really helpful apps that can make your day easy. So now let’s jump in to the list.

1. Evernote


This has to be the number one app you should install on your phone. This is the best Android app that helps you in taking notes on the go. Not only the Evernote useful for corporate people, but it can be useful to every other person like the students to take various notes and store it some place safe. And you don’t even have to worry about the data being lost when you reset your smartphone as every note you save with Evernote is saved in your account. So when you again install Evernote on your smartphone, just enter your login details and you will get all your notes back in the original state.

Get Evernote from the Google Play

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2. AirDroid

AirDroid is a very useful app which allows to control your Android device from any desktop or laptop browsers. Day to day smartphone functions like calls, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat and the app notifications mirrored to the large computer screen you are connected. It is required the phone and the PC are connected on the same Wi-Fi as AirDroid is works with the help of your personal Wi-Fi network. Read a detailed article about the AirDroid app here.

Get AirDroid from Google Playstore

3. Any.Do


Always forgetting the tasks that you had to do? Are you just like me who keeps on forgetting doing the various things that we are supposed to do on a particular time? Then this is the app that can help you at such time and save you from your mom’s wrath (just like me).

With, you can create a complete to-do list of your day. But what’s the best thing that I liked about it was the reminder feature. You just have to create a reminder of a particular date and the time that you need to do a certain task on and you will get notified about it. And the drag and drop feature also comes in handy when you want to shift a task to some other day. It’s quite a good app and surely one of the best Android apps that helps you when you are in need.

Download Any.Do To-do List & Task List from Google Play

4. Mint

Mintcom-Personal-Finance- Google-Play

Can’t you balance your monthly budget and the expenses properly? Or you can’t keep a proper record of what you have spent this month? Then installing Mint on your smartphone might prove a good decision.

You can install Mint on your Android smartphone and create a Mint account and with this you will always know how much money is there in your account and whether you have spent more money than your monthly budget or less. It sure is a little bit awkward having your banking information in your pocket but you can password protect the app so that it doesn’t get in to wrong hands. And this is the app that only shows what you have spent; it doesn’t allow you to make any transactions.

Download Mint from Google Play

5. Alarm Clock Plus


You can’t get up early in the morning? Not able to leave your bed or have a habit of dismissing the alarm and going back to sleep? Then this app that goes by the name of Alarm Clock Plus is all that you need.

With Alarm Clock Plus, you can set multiple alarms on your Android smartphone and assign them different ringtones. Set the most irritating tone so that you get up. But even if you don’t get out of your bed that way, Alarm Clock Plus has a feature in which you need to solve an equation to snooze or dismiss the alarm. And to solve the equation, you will need to get out of bed and use your mind. Quite a handy tool, isn’t it?

Download Alarm Clock Plus from Google Play

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Which Apps you Consider as the most important in your Android?

Those were the 5 Android apps that I consider as the best one and they are of a lot of use in your everyday life. So if you think that there are some other apps that are worth mentioning and should be installed in your smartphone, then I would be glad if you shared them with us in the comments section below. Don’t hesitate and share the names of the best Android apps with us and give us your feedback.

This article is written by Arbaz Khan who writes regularly at TheGeekCubes on various tech topics and tutorials.

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