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Top 5 Music Players of All Time for your Android Devices

Music is something that everyone loves. Yes, it is true that everyone doesn’t like the same music, but everyone likes at least one kind of music for sure. Music has a magical power, it can make you feel happy, it makes you sad sometimes and it often plays with your emotions. There are some people who cannot pass a single day without hearing a song, on the other some listen songs when they are alone. But if you don’t have a good music player, you will not enjoy the music properly. So, you have to have a good music player to enjoy the magical touch of music.

There are many music players to perform this. But if you are using an Android phone then you have to face a little problem as Android devices don’t support all music players. So, to listen music properly, you have to choose a great music player first. Here is a list of top 5 music players of all time for Android devices, you can choose any one among these 5 players.

1. N7Player

This list starts with N7Player. This is very popular music player, especially hard and rock music lovers appreciate this player very much. You can operate this player in multi-touch interface. This player only supports Android phone and it is a very powerful player. You can use it in both landscape and portrait mode. It has a wonderful design with Zooming option and lyric look-up.

The trial version of N7Player with full functionality is free for 14 days. The Full version is available in the Play store for $1.99.

n7player Music Player at Google Play

2. PowerAMP Music Player

The PowerAMP Music Player is another very popular music player among the youngsters. It’s listed second here, but many fans may suggest to make it first! The main reason of the fame of this player is it has a built in 10-band graphic equalizer. As a result, it supports music of any format. It has a very good volume option, you can adjust the bass and treble separately. This will give you an easy access to music files and you can create as many playlists as you want. It also has beautiful cross-fading and lyric display, FM scrubbing. You can tag MP3 and do some editing as well.

It offers 15 days full featured trial period and once it is over you have to pay $3.99 to use it.

Poweramp Music Player at Play Store

3. Winamp

Winamp is a popular music player since years and most of PC desktop users are using this player. It offers a complete music management solution for your devices. Using this you can manage and sync music from your Windows PC or MAC to your android device easily.

The free version of the app is good enough for the normal users but if you’re are a music addict and looking for some more features, you can get the Winamp Pro version for $4.99.

Winamp at Play Store

4. MixZing

MixZing might appear ordinary when you see it first, but it has some cool features you won’t find in any other typical media players. The main such feature of MixZing is ‘Mood Player’ which allows to play similar songs to the ones you’re listening from your music library automatically.

MixZing is free with ads, but if you hate ads you can go for the upgrader version for $4.99.

MixZing at Google Play Store

5. PlayerPro Music Player

The last one in the list is Player Pro Music Player. It has a high capability of search, download, save songs and lyrics. It has a very stylish equalizer, classical folder view and different backgrounds. Use it and you will feel the madness of music.

PlayerPro offers 10 days trial version to try the things out and if you like the app you can purchase it for $4.95.

PlayerPro Music Player at Google Play

So these are the best 5 music players for Android devices, choose any one among these and the enjoy the music anytime. Share your experience after you use it.

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