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Top 5 Office Suite Apps in Android for Business Professionals

Android devices have tons of applications available in Google Play Store and other Android markets over the internet. These apps provide many utilities and ease to do various tasks on your Android phone for which earlier you were dependent on your computers. Sometimes there is a situation when you need to do some of your office work using your phone itself. Microsoft Office in Windows is so much popular is that so many similar office apps are available in Android Market to solve this purpose as well.

These apps allow you to perform all your office regarding work such as document creation/edit, accounting works and presentations. So here I am providing selected top 5 Office suite apps for Android phones and tablets to perform office functions easily.

1. Office Suite 7


Office suite 7 is a high performance office application which is capable of doing the work with great clarity. It allows users to create, edit, print and even share the documents with many different formats such as .docx, .docm, .zip, .pdf and many more along with a well designed interface. It also has cloud storage support integrated with Google Drive, DropBox, SugarSync, Box and SkyDriveand. The pro version of the app is bit expensive but it is being happily used by millions of users worldwide and most of them are completely satisfied with it.

Price: Free / $14.99

Download Office Suite 7 from Play Store

2. Kingsoft Office


Kingsoft Office is one of the most popular office app is being used by many Android users. The main reason for its popularity is where other office apps are paid for pro functions or after a point of time, Kingsoft office is absolutely free to use. It has great efficiency for editing documents as compared to other office apps and users just love it. It has got all the important features of an office suite along with the cloud support. It supports 23 kind of file extensions including .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx and .pdf.  This app consumes very less size in memory so it can be easily used by people with older phones and having issues with limited availability of memory space. If you are looking for a free solution, this is the best one you can get.

Price: Free

Download Kingsoft Office from Play Store

3. QuickOffice

Quickoffice-AndroidRoblox Hack Free Robux

Next one in the list is Quickoffice , which is a free office suite app from Google. By using this app, you can create and edit Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint files. You can also access the files from Google drive to read and edit. The app saves files on cloud so it will save the space on your device but you need Google Drive to use this app.  It doesn’t have lots of feature that may confuse it’s users but it only has those features which are actually being used by people to make their job easier.

Price: Free

Download QuickOffice from Play Store

4. Documents To Go 3.0


Documents To Go 3.0 is a complete package to solve many different purposes of user who is looking to create, view, edit the excel/PowerPoint files, sheet formatting, cell number, freeze panes, password protections, sort and of course cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, charting and also desktop synchronization for their documents. Apart from all these features, this app is available in many different languages such as English, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, Russian and so on.

Price: Free Trial / $14.99

Download Documents To Go from Play Store

5. CloudOn


CloudOn is different from other Office utilities apps because it has some additional features other than just creating and editing office documents, such as sharing these documents online with your friends and colleagues. By using CloudOn , you can stay in contact all the time with other people as it provides mailing facility for documents.

Price: Free Trial / $2.99

Download CloudOn from Play Store


There are dozens of office apps available on the Play store, but this was our list of  most trending and widely used Office Apps for your Android. If you use any other office app or we missed your favorite one, let us know through the comments. 

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  • Gonschmann says:

    What about SoftMaker Office Mobile?

    For those who expect working with their tablet reasonably like on their PC at home / work, all mentioned office suites have too little functionalities, and all of them have an unsatisfactory interoperability with Microsoft Office formats.

    SoftMaker’s apps (word processor TextMaker Mobile, spreadsheet PlanMaker Mobile, and presentation software SoftMaker Presentations Mobile) have significantly more features than all of those, and open/save all Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats faithfully.

    E.g. word processor TextMaker Mobile: You can convert from one format to another, it offers odt support as the only, it has a very good on-the-fly spell checker, you can edit and set footnotes, endnotes, comments, it has real track changes functionality, all TrueType and openType fonts can be embedded, it has a broad range of formatting and layout options, access to several file hosting services and so much more. Compare that with your described apps.

  • tonyp17 says:

    Absolutely agree with Chestnut that SoftMaker Office has by far the best functionality.
    I cannot understand how you can omit this suite from your list.

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