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Top 6 Benefits of Rooting Your Android Device

Benefits of Rooting Your Android Device

The ‘Rooting’ is a buzz word in the Android community. If you are someone who wonder what’s rooting, what are the benefits of it and what are the disadvantages of rooting a device; this article will help you.

What is Rooting?

Rooting android device is a way of gaining full control over the device even if the manufacturer does not initially allow you such control. There is a common notion among few android users that rooting is a synonym for ‘jailbreaking‘ but rooting is not illegal or something unacceptable. It’s acquiring some privileges which are not available usually. Rooting sets you free from waiting like a thirsty bird for the Android updates. The list does not end here; rather it’s just the beginning.

Benefits of Rooting Your Android Device

Benefits of Rooting Android Device

1. Unrestrained Software Updates

Once again, the best and most wonderful part of rooting android device is that you don’t have to bear that perpetual waiting for the next software updates. Don’t bother when the device manufacturer will favor you by notifying about their latest version update. By rooting you will be able to grab any updates available from 2011. Some of the old school android devices may not support this task, but it’s mostly applicable to the latest phones.

2. Manage Preinstalled Software

Complete access to your device’s back-end software and hardware control lets you remove any preinstalled applications which you don’t need at all. Often it annoys us when we try to manage some free memory by deleting unwanted apps and the device politely says ‘sorry’ and gives you a piece of mind about your limitations.

3. Add Extra Fuel to Your Processor

By rooting android device, you can easily increase your processor’s power up to 1.6GHz. There is news about a 250% increase in the performance of Nexus S after some changes made to the processor. But remember, this processor overclocking may need a bit level of knowledge and expertise. Without that don’t try it yourself.

4. Customized ROMs

TouchWiz or Sense UI is some of the tailored ROMs which fit the bill of Android. They may not have the Google affiliation mark, but still they can do wonder. By rooting your device you can actually install custom ROMs like CyanogenMod and get the best of customized features and Android themes.

5. Better Battery Backup

This is linked with the previous advantage. Custom ROMs ensure a better battery performance as it erases all the unnecessary bloatware and applications from your Android device. You can also enjoy using apps like Superpower designed for enhanced power management. But do not expect that by rooting android device will let it be used for ages without charging. Rooting will just ensure that the power is not misused over unnecessary tasks.

6. Small Yet Significant Modifications Anytime

Try to get access to Samsung Siri Clone and they will ask you to buy expensive Samsung device. But rooting solves this problem. It does not matter what device you are using, what software you want in your device. As long as it’s rooted, you can get free access to anything. It’s communism in Android world.


Apart from these advantages, rooting android device also helps users to create better backups, configure otherwise restricted device settings and protect your device from any sort of security threats.


Just like any other activity Rooting has also some kind of disadvantages to consider. The two main disadvantages of rooting you Android device are:

1. Rooting will void the manufacture’s warranty – Rooting your android device will immediately void the warranty and if something happens to the phone during the warranty period you will be charged for the repairs.

2. You may end up with a ‘Brick phone’ – No matter how well the rooting tutorial is you may end up with a dead (broken) phone if you use a corrupt zip file to flash or  miss out any step. Then you have to visit your phone manufacture service center to get it fixed.

So you are now aware of the benefits and demerits of rooting your Android device. You may find the benefits of rooting are tremendous when compared to the risk factor. So are you going to root your device? 

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