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Top Best Custom ROMs for Android

Android is ruling over the smartphone world and still continues to be the most popular and lovable mobile operating system. Recent reports suggest that it holds market share of about 70 percent of the total smartphone sales in the world. There are many reasons why it is admired globally but one of the reasons of its popularity is its open-ended nature providing a lot of customization option to the consumers. A user having the proper knowledge and the right tools can easily play with Android.


For the already installed operating system, the term ‘stock ROM’ is used while the ‘custom ROM’ is used to denote an upgraded software version of your Android phone. Some time back we have explained in detail about the top reasons to install custom OS (ROMs) on your mobile. In this article we would like to share some information about popular custom ROMs available in the market.


CyanogenMod has gained immense popularity over the years because it is backed up by large professional community of Android developers and extensively supports over 220 devices and more devices are added on a regular basis. It has provided to its users unlimited themes, numerous sound processing possibilities and other handful features. It is also widespread because it regularly provides updates in the form of ‘nightly updates’, ‘milestone updates’ and major updates known as ‘stable update’ when upgrading to new features or some major bug fixes. So when it comes to relish the latest stock vanilla Android experience, CyanogenMod steals the show. Current stable version is 10.2. CyanogenMod has also started providing upgrade up to Android 4.4 KitKat under its latest unstable version 11.

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The custom ROM is actually based on CyanogenMod but offer more features that forces you to thank the Android ecosystem for the excellent personalization option it gives to the users. Paranoid Android comes next to CyanogenMod in terms of popularity and stability. This custom ROM is made for those who are experienced in flashing ROMs and want to enjoy new features on their fingertips. The primary reason why it is so popular is because of its multitasking capability which is different from other custom ROMs. It basically provides a floating notification panel on the screen in the form of a circle which when clicked, opens up the desired application filled in the settings to view the notification without force closing your current work. The feature is known as ‘Halo’ and we can add any instant messaging or notifying applications of our choice like Facebook, WhatsApp, E-mail app, Hangouts etc. to receive and respond quickly.Unfortunately Paranoid Android is not as extensively supported as CyanogenMod and updates time is not on a daily basis but still a very first choice for thousands of its fans who love its unique features and performance oriented nature.

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This is one of the lightweight custom ROMs designed for minimalist people who want performance with minimum design elements.The remarkable feature of this custom ROM is the Real Dark Slim which dominates the entire theme through which colors of the interface can be inverted with one touch including installed applications. SlimBean mod comes with a wide array of exceptional customization options such as PIE controls, lock-screen and shortcuts. As per the performance level, it is butter smooth in navigating to and fro and works pretty well on older Android devices. Supported by several developers you can get Slimbean via official download sources with nightly updates.


Android Open Kang Project commonly known by the acronym AOKP is one of the flexible open-source custom ROMs available in the market. Though only supported to limited devices, AOKP offers additional features not offered by other custom ROMs. The user-friendly interface of AOKP gives the freedom of managing your schedules in just a few clicks with inbuilt schedule manager and personalizing backgrounds and user interface to further enhance the look and feel of your device.The two amazing features namely Ribbons and Toggles has given it a new dimension. Ribbon feature allows you to launch applications from any of the screens while the toggles feature let you pull your device settings quickly at the command of your fingers. It has also inbuilt Audio Equalizer which helps you modify music and audio settings accordingly.


The custom ROM most commonly stated as ParanoidAndroid-AOKP-CyanogenMod is for those enthusiasts who want to taste all the three popular Android custom ROM in one single ROM. That means you can have essential features of the above ROMs such as PIE Control from Paranoid Android, different battery locks, Ribbon and Toggle feature and more RAM control from AOKP and all the vital features of CyanogenMod like awesome transition effects, home screen control and wonderful slider shortcuts on the lockscreen.P.A.C ROM comes very handy on gaming. Compatible with only few devices so far such as Nexus 4, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.


We have narrowed down our choices to top five while there might be other custom ROMs which are equally loved by the masses in general. It is to be kept in mind that custom ROM selections vary from person to person and also not all the ROMs are available for all the devices. So it is highly recommended to do a little bit of research before jumping into the installation of any of the custom ROM on your device. Do tell us about your choice of custom ROMs in the comment section below.We would love to hear that.

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