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How to Unlock HTC One Bootloader [Step-by-step Guide]

Soon after the HTC One is announced the android developers are working on tools and methods to unlock the bootloader, root the device and install custom ROMs for the users who want to tinker with their smartphone OS and free it from the manufacturer limitations.

Unlock HTC One bootloader is required if you want to root or flash any custom ROM on the device. By following this guide you will be able to unlock your bootloader within 15 minutes.

We are using the tools available from HTC website to do the unlocking process so the security risks are nil but you will still void your your warranty. It’s recommended to read the full article before you start the unlock process.

Things to Remember

  • This guide is only for the HTC One. Do not attempt the following steps on any other device.
  • The warranty will be voided after the unlock.
  • Make sure your battery is charged to at least 80%.
  • If you are unsure about any step, ask us in the comment section before proceeding further.

Thing to be Done

  • All the files will be wiped after the unlock so take backup of all your important data.
  • Enable USB debugging from the Developer options.
  • Download and install the HTC Sync Manager from this link.
  • Download Fastboot zip file from this link and extract the contents into a folder named Fastboot.
  • Disable antivirus software on your system to avoid unnecessary interference.

Step-by-step Guide to Unlock HTC One Bootloader

  • Go to the website htcdev and register yourself. Make sure to verify the email to complete the registration process.
  • Login to the htcdev website and then go to the Unlock Bootloader page.
  • Click the drop down devices list Under supported devices and select the option ‘All Other Supported Models‘.
  • Click on ‘Begin Unlock Bootloader’ and select Yes on the confirmation screen.
  • Acknowledge messages on the Legal Terms and click on ‘Proceed to Unlock Instructions’.
  • The next page with unlocking bootloader instructions will give you 4 steps to follow: Disconnect mobile from the PC if connected and then switch off the device. Then press Volume Down button and Power button to start the device in Bootloader mode. Once it’s in Bootloader screen, highlight Fastboot option and press the Power button. Then connect your HTC One to PC via USB cable.
  • Click on Proceed to step 5. But it’s not required to follow the  steps mentioned in the second page of htcdev site. Instead you go to the Fastboot folder which we have extracted earlier and hold the Shift key and at the same time right click on the free space. Select the option ‘Open command window here’.
  • Windows command window will appear like ‘..Fastboot>’. Now you need to enter the following command in the command line fastboot devices (This command will tell you whether your device is detected by your computer or not. If your device shows you can go ahead with the next step. If the device is not detected the command screen will not show any information and in this case you have to re-install the HTC Sync Manager and reboot your PC. Then redo the tutorial from the beginning.
  • Keep open the command window. Then go to the third page of instruction in htcdev by clicking on ‘Proceed to Step 8‘ button.
  • Follow the steps mentioned in the third page of htcdev site (from step 8 to step 10). When all the steps are done, click on Submit button.
  • If all the steps are done properly you will get a message ‘Token Submitted Successfully!’ and the Unlock Key information is emailed to you.
  • Open the email from HTC and download the attached file named ‘Unlock_code.bin’.
  • Once the download is done copy the ‘Unlock_code.bin’ file to Fastboot folder.
  • Now go back to the command window and the following command: fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
  • Now the HTC One will get a message to Unlock bootloader. Press Volume up and select YES, then press Power button to confirm the action.
  • Your HTC One will now restart and ask to complete the factory reset process. You can now disconnect your device from the PC.

That’s all! You have successfully Unlocked the Bootloader of your HTC One. Now you can root and install Custom ROMs on your device without any issues.

Note: If you receive any software updates after unlocking the bootloader you have to deny it. Otherwise you may end up bricking your smartphone.

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  • Steven says:

    Hey, followed every step; everything is in working order but when the HTC one is in bootloader mode, windows saids “USB not Recognized” not sure what to do. Would really love some help. If possible could you email the solution if I won’t be able to get any notification? steeven.gamboa(at)

    • Jose says:

      Are you sure you have installed the HTC Sync Manager properly and the latest USB drivers are there?
      The command “fastboot devices” return anything?

  • Tau says:

    Hi, I seem to be stuck at the stage “Now go back to the command window and the following command: fasboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin” – Nothing seems to be happening after entering it.

    The HTC is currently on Fastboot USB but nothing seems to come up. Do you happen to know why?


  • Angeline F. Souza says:

    Work like expected. Thank you for the easy tutorial.

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