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NANDroid Backup – How to Perform and Restore

OBackup is one of the best backup solution available in the market for Android devices. It takes backup of absolutely all your data, put it in a zip file and upload it to the Cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, or any FTP) very easily.

Take the Backup on OBackup

1. Download and install “OBackup” from Play store. Make sure your phone is rooted.
2. Open “OBackup” from the application drawer and give the root access.

3. The app will register your device and then detect your device automatically.

4. Select the Cloud option you want to use. You can upload your complete backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, or any FTP (optional).

5. On the main screen of the app, Tap on the magic wand to start the backup for the first time.

6. The full backup will start running and will complete in 10-15 minutes.

7. After the completion of backup on SD card, it will start uploading the same to Cloud. Depends on your data speed it will take time to finish the upload. (Recommended to Use PC Internet Connection on Android through USB, if you have a limited data connection).

Setup Schedule Backup on OBackup

1. From Settings -> Backup, Tap on “Schedule backup” to run backup on a define schedule.

2. From Settings, Tap on “Backup retention Policy” to replace old backups with new ones.

That’s it! You have learned to take the Nandroid backup easily.

I hope, now you understand the methods to perform and restore a NANDROID Backup of your device using CWM and OBackup. If you face any problems to take the full backup of your Android, let us know through the comments.

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  • Yakshit Anand says:

    I had created a nandroid backup of my note 2(GT n7100) when it was running on official v.4.1 and then updated to v.4.4 unofficial.
    Now when I want to restore my backup, I cannot do it as I get the message of md5 mismatch error.
    Yet my internal storage is 9.1 GB used and 1.3 GB free, that I had during my previous version, and I cannot see any aaps or any other stuff that I had in my phone. The internal storage when seen from file explorer doesn’t show anything except the default folders.
    Please reply and tell me what to do

  • dead says:

    how to recover this. i made it before i did rooting. using recovery mode and back which it made in internal sd. around 739mb

    now i have no idea how i can recover this. help

    • andromint says:

      You can restore it by booting your phone to recovery mode and then tap Backup & Restore -> restore -> choose the backup file.

      • dead says:

        oh and when i go to factory mode it give me opnion to test and nothing else. and how can i remove others startup screen. as some custom rom have forced there startup and now i cant get it out when i changed to someone else stock rom of ics 4.0.4.

        as i want to install my own ics 4.0.4 which is struck in .backup

        so please help

  • dead says:

    just found out that i am missing android system recovery 3e. help again

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