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WhatsApp Voice Messaging Service Launches – Here is How to Use it

WhatsApp finally launched the voice messaging service for its 300+ million users today. The functionality was long awaited among the users as the most of its competitors are already having this option. With the latest version of WhatsApp now users can easily access the feature which lets them to record and send voice messages with just a single click of a mic button. The new update rolled for all the major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, BB10 and Nokia Symbian.

Don’t confuse yourself between voice calling and voice messaging. The new feature is a voice message which user can record their message and send it across to other user through the WhatsApp. This functionality can be specially handy when you want to convey something in your local language which would be hard to type on your keypad.

There is no length limit for voice messages as of now and users can play the audio without opening any external media player. The audio play will switch from speakers to earpiece when the user held the phone to their ear. This will be helpful when you want to listen the voice message privately.whatsapp_voice_messaging

How to Use WhatsApp Voice Messaging Service

  • Update your WhatsApp by going to Play store or download the APK file directly from here.
  • Once the update is complete, open the contact whom you want to audio message to. You will see a new mic button just beside the message typing area.
  • Hold the button to talk and release to send it. If you don’t want to send just swipe to the left and the record will be deleted automatically.
  • That’s it! WhatsApp made it very simple and user-friendly for the users.

So how do you find the new voice messaging option in WhatsApp? Were you waiting for something like this? Now the voice messaging is here can we expect the video calling anytime soon?

Via: WhatsApp

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